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Urban Design and Master Planning


Accessibility Simplified understands that it is of paramount importance that accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities, older persons, children and families be considered during the overall planning and development of the urban and landscape environment.

Accessibility Simplified will ensure that your urban design and master plans address not only the minimum requirements of today's codes and standards, but by utilizing the principles of Universal Design, highlight opportunities for implementing best practices as part of establishing sustainable development conditions and communities.  There always exists the opportunity for exceeding minimum requirements in order to meet the range of human functioning and universal accessibility.


Master planning and urban design should enable persons with a wide range of disabilities and older persons to independently access, wayfind and navigate within new and redeveloped communities.

One of the many conceptual images of a re-developed Tunney Pasture developd for Public Works Procurement Canads over the years

Case Study - Campus


Ensured the project team understood the integral importance of accessibility and the necessity to apply a universal design and accessibility lens in the development of the Urban Design and Sustainability Guidelines, and the preferred redevelopment options for the re-development of Tunney’s Pasture, an existing Government of Canada 121-acre (49 ha) campus.


Worked with the project teams evaluating existing facilities and public realm; conducted comprehensive accessibility audits of existing facilities, prepared recommendations from an accessibility perspective for retention/divesture based on cost/benefit/feasibility analysis; assessed the Parking Strategy for the new ‘Live, Work, Play’ community, while considering accessibility in the sustainability framework. Developed High Level Visioning Guidelines on Accessibility for the redevelopment of the site.

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