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Comparison of Building Codes and Standards

Accessibility Simplified can help your project team and organization implement a design strategy that is reflective of not only universal design, but one that also addresses compliance with the most stringent requirements from a range of mandatory and optional building codes and standards as specified in a project PSOS. The development of a comparative matrix can help ensure your project takes a best practices approach. 

Accessibility Simplified recognizes that building codes and standards are continually changing, evolving and being updated, and we can bring the most up to date knowledge to any of your projects.

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Case Study - Building Codes and Standards

Comparative Code reviews of have been conducted for a full range of development projects; inclusive of a full range of international, national, Provincial/Territorial/State building codes, as well as municipal standards and organizational guidelines.

They have been conducted for projects related to

  • new design/build projects

  • projects undergoing substantial renovation

  • for the development of audit checklists

  • to guide the development of legislation

Project sectors have included:

  • Transportation

  • Convention & Entertainment

  • Education

  • Arts

  • Housing

  • Stadium & sport facilities

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