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Who We Are

Accessibility Simplified is based in Ottawa, Canada, and is capable of providing services related to accessibility and universal design throughout the National Captial Region (NCR), across Canada and internationally.

Accessibility Simplified has a team with broad-based knowledge, resources and an affiliate network of professionals to provide clients with solutions and ensuring universal accessibilty for everyone, including people with a range of disabilities, older persons, children and families.

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Marnie Peters

Marnie Peters, President of Accessibility Simplified has 20+ years of experience as a consultant offering comprehensive services related to accessibility and universal design. Marnie’s thorough understanding of accessibility and universal design enable her to evaluate all environments from the perspective of how persons with the full range of human conditions, including people a range of disabilities, use and interact with buildings, facilities and associated public realm environments.

Marnie has a comprehensive knowledge of all of Canada’s Provincial Building Codes, as well as leading International and national building codes and standards, including those that address urban design and public realm spaces. Marnie has extensive experience across a full range of projects, working as part of large, multi-disciplinary teams, while addressing the diverse needs of end users.    


Marnie has the following Certifications:

  1. Level 3 Advanced Accessibility Consultant - International Certification of Accessibility Consultants - Built Environment (ICAC-BE) Program (ICAC-BE Number 03-001-17) as certified by the Global Allliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES).

  2. Marnie is currently enrolled in the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) program to become a RHFAC Designated Professional.


Matthew Fleet


With 20 years of experience, Matthew applies his knowledge and first-hand disability awareness to the accessibility of built environments. With a degree in Geography and a diploma in architectural technology, he has worked on both a local and international scale and with a full range of building types. This has included work in the development of accessibility standards where he has both written content and created illustrations. It also includes extensive experience in the auditing of existing buildings and reviewing plans for new ones. Matthew maintains a vision not only for code compliance but also for environments that are truly inclusive of the full range of users.

Matthew has completed comprehensive accessibility audits of existing facilities and of drawings for a full range of facilities. These processes include the development of audit protocols prior to audit and composition of reports subsequent to audit.


Matthew has also contributed to the development of accessibility standards and has been involved in the development of illustrations and architectural drawings.

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