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Accessibility and Universal Design:

Creating An Inclusive World for Everyone




Accessibility and Universal Design: Creating An Inclusive World for Everyone.


Accessibility Simplified is about creating accessible, universally designed

beautiful buildings and urban spaces.

Accessibility Simplified is an accessibility consulting firm based in Ottawa, ON that provides professional services to architects, engineers, designers, developers and planners to ensure buildings and urban environments comply with all building codes, accessibility standards and human rights legislation, while incorporating inclusive and Universal Design concepts into their designs. 

Accessibility Simplified will work with your project team to incorporate universal design and innovative design solutions that not only meet the minimum building codes and standard requirements, but increase the level of accessibility to ensure that everyone is able to use spaces equitably; incorporating universal design early in the process is the most successful and cost effective means of informing design decisions from inception through design.

Accessibility Simplified has a team with broad-based knowledge, resources, and an affiliate network of professionals to provide clients with solutions and ensuring universal accessibility for everyone, including people with a range of disabilities, older people, children and families.

Accessibility Simplified knows, that whether it is a building, a city public right of way, active transportation infrastructure, a park, a sprawling private institution, or a complete city; brand new or existing, human rights legislation requires that it be accessible and usable by everyone, including people with a wide range of disabilities.


Accessibility can be simplified, let us show you how.



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